Cupping For Sports Injuries And General Health

Cupping is a form of alternative medicine that is in practice for ages. This holistic therapy dates back to as early as the 4th century! It is widely looked into and considered in the past few years, as Cupping became popular among sports & mo...Readmore

acupuncture relieve insomnia

Learn How Acupuncture Can Relieve Insomnia!

“It’s 1 A.M, my eyelids are heavy but my thoughts are heavier. Oh, Man! I am exhausted! Why can’t I just sleep normally like the rest? Should I pop in my sleeping pill again?”

Insomnia is defined as the d...Readmore


The Role of Acupuncture In Pain Relief

For many of you, Acupuncture may seem like an exotic and dubious treatment. Many people who have been advised surgeries and life-long medications have been cured of their condit...Readmore


How to Fix your Back Pain & Muscle Pain The Acupuncture Way!

Instruments like needles might scare you out! You might probably wonder, "How can pressing needles into my skin make me feel better? Ouch. Doesn’t it hurt?" 

There is evidence that it can help a lot!

A lot ...Readmore


What Are The Benefits Of Acupressure?

Acupressure follows the same principle except that it’s practiced by using the pressure of the hands to stimulate the pressure points. Further pressure on these points is applied using seeds, magnets and other instruments depending on the pa...Readmore